Carrie [Kez] Sherwood is a West Coast multidisciplinary designer/maker/artist living and playing in B.C., Canada



Carrie is an original Prairie woman, now living in Vancouver, B.C. 

Early on, the wide-open spaces, endless sky and lush hayfields of her grandparent's rural Alberta farm captured Carrie’s imagination. Today she is deeply inspired by the natural world, fine arts, modern design and experimental processes. 

Pacific Northwest

Carrie has lived on the West Coast of B.C. for over 20 years and enjoys all outdoor adventures and activities with family, friends and community. Much of her work is informed by the natural beauty and abundance of her wild surroundings.



Central to her process is experimentation in materials, techniques, textures, processes, tools, research, methods, design, technologies old & new, fabrication, deconstruction. Design and art host equal parts.

What drives her/ work: Ma, Shinrin Yoku, deconstruction, wabi sabi, kintsugi, organic patterns and elements in the natural world being strongly here while barely there juxtaposed with a foundational love for modernism and the ideologies of the Bauhaus as a diving board.

ox + monkey design & fabrication

Carrie was a founding partner in ox + monkey, a Gibsons, B.C.-based design and fabrication company (2010-2016), that crafted high quality custom aluminum projects such as professional artist frames, furniture, indoor and outdoor installations and prototypes. Her roles included design, metal finishing, digital fabrication, business, marketing, communications and project/ product management.


2017/2018 FILM: Iatse 891 Lighting Basic Training/ Lighting Technician Training for Film - North Island College / MPIO/ WHMIS / MP Safety Awareness / Fall Protection / Aerial Platform/ OCP First Aid Lvl 1

2017 - Tig Welding Intro – BCIT

2010 - Present - Metal finishing, digital fabrication, design. Self Directed, Project & Client Based

2016 - Emily Carr - Metal Shop
Metal Sculpture Open Studio
Metal Sculpture Intro – Emily Carr

2013-2015 - Emily Carr – 3D Design
Basics of Architectural Design
Architectural Modelling
Drawing for Design
The Business of Design Practice

2013 - Rhino 3D Modeling Level 1 – Hydraulic Design

2013/2011 - Adobe Creative Suite CS5 (InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop) – VIU and Emily Carr

2012 - 6 courses in Business Basics – Small Business BC

2011 - Tile & Architectural Ceramics Conference in Seattle, WA.

2008 - Interior Design Intro – BCIT

2004 - Web Technologies – BCIT

1998 - Self Employed Business Program